About Me

Name: Simon Lee Shugar
Profession: Web Application’s Developer
Email: Contact@Simonshugar.co.uk
Skype: Shugarsls
Website: www.simonshugar.co.uk 

About Me
I am a software developer, with a big passion for development. I develop both professionally and as a hobbyist with a great interest at looking at the latest technologies, programming languages and frameworks.

As a developer I pride myself in my ability to be quite versatile in what development tools and languages I use. Currently I specialize in C#, ASP.NET, Web forms & the Microsoft stack.

Want to know more?
Check out my site www.simonshugar.co.uk

What originally got me into development?
During my teenage years when life is meant to be at its peak of stress (I wish). I played one of the first MMO’s (Massively Multiplayer On-line) games. A 2d space ship game called Continuum originally developed by Virgin Interactive then dropped and recreated by Priit Kasesalu (Priitk), who went on to develop Kazaa and then one of the lead developers of Skype. What continuum offered was a way for players to actively create the game for the community, allowing the construction of maps, game physics, graphics and sounds. During this time I led a small team developing Mystic Kingdom based on the continuum client a small RPG MMO with a player base of about 25 people, this inspired me to want to develop more games and go into computer programming.

Developing my own game led me to the University of Wolverhampton studying BSc Computer Science (Games Development) however during my time in education I found my interest sway from game development to web development. This is partly due to technologies used on the web made a huge impression on me and I could see the future being web based. During University I was lucky enough to join an entrepreneurial scheme called SPEED, which helped a select few start up and run their own business’s. During this time I set up Core-Five Studios LTD a web based technology company. I may have been too ambitious on my goal for Core-Five however the experience has led me to what I am today.

Currently I work for Zinc-Ahead LTD as a Web Applications Developer.


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